NHI Headlines

          "Production Reform" Promotes Management Reform to Stimulate the Motivation of Employees


          As one of the nine pilot units of industrial worker team construction and reform in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, NHI is a backbone enterprise in the field of heavy machinery manufacturing. At present, there are more than 4500 employees, among which there are more than 2200 front-line employees, including 197 senior technicians, 558 technicians and 1172 senior workers. Since the implementation of the mixed reform on April 30, 2019, the enterprise has continued to promote the work of "industry reform".

          Set An Example of Innovation and Practice Skills On the Job

          Wu Wenyuan is an outstanding performer in CNC turning and milling machine operation. In the minds of workshop leaders and colleagues, he is a backbone who can fight tough battles and is also a famous innovative talent. He often makes small changes to create tooling and repair and grind tools to improve processing efficiency, which has become a typical example of technological innovation.

          In the processing the Φ478 size boring of a frame body, with many years of experience and technology, Wu Wenyuan transformed and grinded single-blade turning tool for processing by himself, which not only to ensure the requirements of dimensional accuracy, but also greatly save the cost of blade consumption. In the processing, the bottom size of a keyway on the surface of the frame body is R5. Due to the small operating range, the existing small cutter head blade cannot go deep enough to meet the angle requirements. Wu Wenyuan tried to modify and repair the existing cutting blade, and the blade reached the radian of R5 after repeated fine repair and grinding, and directly completed the processing of R angle by a single cutting. The measured size is completely qualified, and the finishing is greatly improved. Through his own efforts, Wu Wenyuan has now become the winner of Shenyang May Day Labor Medal and has become a model for everyone to learn.

          Restructure Salary System and Stimulate Motivation

          NHI has established a profit-oriented salary assessment system, and each manufacturing branch plant shall reasonably formulate the secondary distribution scheme according to its own situation. After the discussion and approval of the majority of employees, it will be published publicly. In the monthly salary payment, it will be reasonably distributed twice according to the factors such as job responsibilities, work performance and efficiency of employees. We will make sure that income is linked to contribution, and that people who work more get more in a fair and equitable way, and those who are highly skilled get more.

          Since the implementation of the mixed reform, NHI has issued various kinds of special awards totaling 102 million yuan, and a large number of front-line employees have received a monthly salary of more than 10 thousand yuan. Through purchasing cost reduction, equipment transformation and improvement of self-production rate, the branch of automobile steering system has continuously achieved profit in a single month, and all the staff have won profit prize. The distributive incentives of "create and share, work more and get more" keep employees motivated. It used to be "tell me to do it", now it is "I will do it". The daily output of structural parts exceeded 80 tons and 100 tons, constantly breaking the historical record. Great changes are taking place almost every day in NHI. In response to the continuous release of the vitality of the mixed ownership reform, the mechanism is alive, the people's hearts are satisfied, and the cohesion of the enterprise is constantly strengthened. The majority of employees share the benefits brought by the mixed ownership reform and are full of infinite longing for the future of the enterprise.

          Team Culture Construction Light Up the Light of Vitality

          In NHI, we can see that the rest rooms of each shift are bright and clean, and all the items are fixed and in good order. Compared with the rest area that is surrounded with a few chests before, the present "small family" is particularly warm outside. To build a "clean, neat, comfortable" class environment, the staff undertakes original changing room to transform thoroughly, everybody each is eager to exercise their skills, design together to create the small family that is full of individualization with its own characteristics. On the premise of not affecting work, the shift painted the walls, changed indoor lighting, installed the LED energy-saving lamps, cleaned indoor sundry, repaired and painted the old seats, also get the support from brother workshop, Liu Changsheng, a master of painting expertise, drew a painting that brings the team to fight with high spirits, which named “The Stormy Waves Ushered in a Sunny Day of Spring”, and wrote the slogan " devise strategies and casting great foundation " in the  most obvious location.

          Through the team building, it not only gave clean and neat work environment for employees, but also in spirit constantly condensed everyone's joint effort, to enhance the staff team consciousness, promote the harmonious atmosphere, reflecting the cohesion and execution, all members of the team are pregnant with a grateful heart, and make greater contribution to the "everybody" of the enterprise with the "small family" strength, make greater contribution together for the enterprise.

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