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          Recently, Qingwei, Secretary of Benxi county Party committee, Cao Jianguo, chief engineer of Hebei Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and Ma Zhixiang, Chairman of Gansu Qianjin Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., respectively led a delegation to visit NHI and discussed project cooperation, college and enterprise joint cooperation etc., which almost overwhelmed the reception staff.

          "After the reform, our reception team is very busy. Sometimes several groups of visitors arrive on the same day". Reception staff Ren Lili said.

          NHI has been deeply impressed by the fact that there were few visitors for few months before the mixed ownership reform, but guests from all walks of life came to the door with a large crowd after the mixed reform.

          With Reform, Full of Vitality from the Old Former State-Owned Enterprise

          On April 30, 2019, Liaoning Fangda Group became the largest shareholder of the enterprise by participating in the judicial restructuring and mixed ownership reform of NHI. As a result, NHI has become a mixed ownership company jointly held by Fangda Group and ordinary financial creditors.

          According to the proposal of Fangda group, from the beginning of the mixed ownership reform, the basic salary of employees below the middle level management has increased by 50%, and welfare policies of employees such as free working meal and major holiday welfare have been implemented. NHI has established a distribution and incentive mechanism of "creating and sharing, more work and more pay, your work decides your payment". Since the mixed ownership reform to July 2020, NHI has paid a total of more than 63 million yuan of special awards, and a large number of front-line employees have achieved monthly wage income of more than 10,000 yuan. In particular, at the end of 2019, cash bonus was paid to on-the-job employees and retired employees, which encourages all staff to unite closely and works together to promote the development of the enterprise. A series of measures make the majority of employees share the benefits brought about by the mixed ownership reform, bringing infinite expectation for the future of the enterprise.

          Now, a new look of NHI comes back to people's vision.

          Seizing the Market, Blossom and Bear Fruits

          With vitality of the mixed ownership reform, with a new look, NHI has pressed the "fast forward" button on the journey of opening up domestic and foreign markets.

          Two major pelletizing equipment projects have been successfully awarded. One is India Mahavir 600,000T/A Pelletizing Project and the other is Kazakhstan FCL 600,000T/A oxidation pelletizing equipment-rotary kiln and annular cooler project. These achievements greatly boost the confidence of NHI in market development, laying a solid foundation for overseas and domestic markets simultaneously.

          At the end of last year, after half a year's project tracking and business negotiation, Hebei Huaxin Special Steel Sintering Unit EPC project contract was finalized, and NHI successfully obtained this order of 200 million yuan. This is the first EPC contract of sintering unit of iron and steel enterprise signed by NHI, which becomes the breakthrough for the company to comprehensively advance into the high-end complete set market in metallurgical industry.

          In March this year, PIBT Port Qasim Coal Handling Phase II project with a total contract amount of 30 million US dollars was successfully signed. From the previous poor performance in Phase I to second trust of Phase II after the mixed ownership reform, the changes after the enterprise reform have been highly recognized by customers. With the successful signing of the EPC contract of Gansu Huajian New Materials Co., Ltd. with output of 5,000,000T/A Million Tons of Fine Aggregates Project on March 27, it is more encouraging to all people.

          The EQC6330 full face road header designed and developed by NHI has solved many problems such as high construction intensity and complex geological conditions of the 10 km coal mine roadway engineering of Dongxinwen Mining Group, marking another milestone in the field of full face coal roadway road header, and the brand influence has been greatly increased and it also strengthened the user's confidence in win-win cooperation.

          Being Strong and Determined among Difficulties

          2020 is the key year for production and operation of NHI to turn around the deficit. Facing to double effects of the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 and the global economic downturn, NHI focused on the prevention and control of the epidemic on one hand and meanwhile the production and operation on the other hand, and fully resumed production on February 10.

          The marketing team took the initiative to carry out information communication, technical exchange and business negotiation with users by means of "cloud office" such as the Internet and WeChat, by which contracts had been signed one by one. "When orders are enough, staff's heart is reassured., and they are holding back their strength to work hard and snatch back the progress affected by the epidemic." since the full resumption of work and production, all sub-plants have generally achieved output growth.

          The R & D team follows the market closely, taking the users as the center, and speeding up the pace of product technology upgrading and new product research and development. Since beginning of the year, 2 sets of earth pressure balance TBMs with diameter of 6.48m have been upgraded in the southern extension project of Shenyang Metro Line 2, which further establishes the leading position of NHI in TBM market. The first T12 active multi-functional crawler scraper, which is designed and developed by NHI, has been successfully tested under working conditions, which can complete shoveling, transportation, leveling, finishing and other construction operations at one time, breaking the monopoly of European and American countries on this product. HLS-415 new sintering ring cooler, 1000t / h aggregate production line and other newly developed products have become the important supports for the company to create a new economic growth point, with huge social and economic benefits.

          Facing the difficulties and obstacles, NHI is strong and determined enough to stick. The mixed ownership reform will strengthen the development confidence of the cadres and employees in NHI, and strengthen the determination of hard work and skillful work. Hard work and skillful work will strive to overcome difficulties. We will work together to win the tough battle of turning losses into gains.

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