NHI Headlines

          Fangda Group NHI: Focus on Customers and Trustworthy Service First


          The second shield tunneling machine produced by Fangda Group NHI for Taizhou Project has also arrived at the construction site after the successful delivery of the first shield tunneling machine. Field service personnel played a continuous battle, they were not afraid of hardship style, and began a nervous busy installation commissioning work on site. The delivery of the two shield tunneling machines marked a new achievement for The Taizhou project in Zhejiang province and demonstrated NHI's commitment and mission to serve its customers.

          Strengthen production scheduling and organize production effectively

          At the beginning of the reform, the basic salary of junior and middle level staff was increased by 50%, work hard and get what you want. The monthly income of ordinary employees is over 10,000 yuan. At the end of the last year, “red lucky money” was issued to employees and retired employees. A series of measures let the staff felt the benefits of the company reform. “We used to go home after work, but now we don't go home after work, we have to take the initiative to finish the work”, the employees who got the benefits expressed their simple aspirations. The rich income gave the employees hope and employees are full of infinite vision for the future of the enterprise.

          Since this year, in order to catch up with the fabrication schedule, NHI have ensured the timely delivery of Benxi Dongfang Sanjiazi Vertical Screw Coal mill, Shiheng Special Steel Mixer, Taizhou Shield Tunneling Machine, Anhui Conch Stacker-Reclaimer, Beiben Heavytruck, Shenyang Metro, Fangda Carbon Compressor Nozzle, Lingyuan Iron and Steel Annular Cooler and other projects. The production command center carefully planned and organized the reasonable scheduling production. Many employees in the production line also give up their vacations voluntarily, and they were all working hard for the development of the enterprise. At present, a revitalized Northern Heavy industry has come back to people's vision with a new look.

          Carry out labor competition to improve operational efficiency

          In order to fully complete the production task, NHI implemented the refined management suggestions of Fangda Group, and tried to find ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency. With the goal of improving product quality and production operation quality, all the staff concentrated on gathering strength and devoted themselves to the production of reducing cost, improving efficiency, creating high quality and maintaining production capacity.

          Since The NHI launched the labor competition with the theme of "Ensuring the construction period and improving the production capacity and labor efficiency", it has constantly broken the record of processing and production hours, and the production efficiency has been constantly improved. NHI not only tried to reduce cost and increased efficiency, but also put the strengthening of production quality management at the top of its work, strived for efficiency through quality and makde solid achievements. NHI worked with one heart and one mind, gave full play to the intelligence and wisdom of employees, and created value together. It has completed the processing tasks of key products such as CISDI Hebei Taihang Medium-speed mill, Taizhou Metro, Jiujiang Pinggang's Head Cutting Scissors.

          The first shield tunneling machine was delivered and successfully realized

          After 72 days and 12,960 hours, the site construction staff of NHI completed the installation and commissioning of the shield tunneling machine, which was highly appraized by the site customers. The launching ceremony of Taizhou municipal railway project was held as scheduled. The first shield tunneling machine was completed and has been successfully tunneling more than 130 meters.

          It was understood that the first Taizhou Municipal Railway Project Φ 8.83 composite earth pressure balance shield construction machine was assembled on 20th August this year. Faced with such difficulties as tight time, heavy task, limited construction site, reverse transportation of major components, continuous high temperature in Taizhou city, and cross operation of multiple construction units, etc., the staff of NHI Tunneling Equipment Branch Plant used their brains, wisdom and sweat to build the quality project and overcame numerous difficulties, ensure that the construction "safety quality shall not be lax and the initial progress shall not behind schedule", ensure the construction period to complete the origin task on time. The staff of NHI firmly believed that integrity will create quality, and they will continue to do a good job in on-site service and build up the company's good reputation in the industry.

          The site installation of the second shield tunneling machine has entered the commissioning stage

          Recently, the second equipment of Taizhou Municipal Railway project of Fangda Group NHI has been fully installed, and the site service personnel are currently commissioning the equipment.

          Taizhou Municipal Railway project, as one of the key projects of Fangda Group NHI's "trustworthy project" this year, was attached great importance from the beginning of the signing of the contract by the company leaders at all levels. With one heart and one mind, NHI has set off a great boom of production and service commissioning. So far, the site of the first equipment of Taizhou Municipal Railway Project has been running well. Service personnel and technicians have been arriving at the site in batches since the end of August. They have given up the "Mid-Autumn festival" and "National Day" time to rejoin their families and have been working in the underground more than 20 meters deep. From counting parts to underground installation of equipment, they were not overwhelmed by difficulties. They gave full play to the advantages of collaborative operations, overcame the influence of local high temperature, humid air and other environmental factors, and persevered in the front line with great sweat and hard work.

          Since the equipment arrived at the site more than four months ago, they have often been unable to eat and rest on time. They have stuck to their work underground to ensure the on-site installation progress without slackening. They have made every effort to serve customers and win honor for the company.

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