Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as NHI) was certified by the ISO9001 quality management system, with continued certificate registration qualification. In March 2012, NHI won the honor of “Provincial Quality Award” of People's Government of Liaoning Province.
          The NHI Quality Management System covers design, developing and manufacturing of NHI equipments, including crusher, mill, beneficiation equipment, sintering pellets equipment, forging device, shearing device, engineering machinery, bulking material, handling equipment, coal excavating equipment, transmission machinery, environmental protection equipment, electrical control, hydraulic system, lubricating system, auxiliaries, and special service vehicle for oilfield (special equipment manufacturing license and CCC certification) supplied for metallurgy industry, mining industry, coal industry, power industry, building material industry, port, chemical industry, construction, and environmental protection industry.
          Quality Policy: Adoption of advanced technology, continuous improvement and innovation, supply of superior-quality products, and meeting customer requirements.
          NHI quality management system, is established, implemented, maintained and passed third-party certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001, and could be traced back to 1996. NHI is one of the first batch of enterprises that have passed the quality management system certification in the heavy machinery industry. It has experienced the amendments ofISO9001:1994 version, ISO9001:2000 version, ISO9001:2008 version and the ISO9001:2015 version, based on which a complete quality management system could be formed.
          The documents of quality management system in NHI include four levels:
          The first level: the Quality Management Manual, specifies the quality management model based on organizational environment, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement process; The second and third levels: quality management procedure/regulations, formed a set of procedural documents that are operational and comply with national/local/industry-related regulations and specifications. These regulations reflected the characteristics of the company, proposed the effective method to achieve the quality objectives, stipulates the activities that affect the quality, and stipulates the methods and criteria for each activity, which makes the activity under control; The fourth level: quality control record, comprehensively reflects the process and results of product quality formation and the operational status and effects of the quality system. It has provided the sufficient and effective information for quality management and quality assurance work, and provided protection to development Quality management work.

          The company has increased the market share by emphasizing the focus of customers, in order to meet the ever-changing requirements from customers and the requirements of laws and regulations. Through the effective operation of the quality management system, standardized internal management, full participation and continuous improvement of employee quality awareness, the stability of quality management has been enhanced, the consistency of product quality has been ensured, and the company's operational efficiency and overall performance has been improved. Through continuous improvement activities, the overall quality and overall level of the enterprise has been improved, so that the company continues to grow and develop.

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