NHI Headlines

          NHI Increase Investment in the Upgrading of Testing Equipment after Restructure


          “Testing is a priority". Fangda Group attaches great importance to the measurement and testing work. In the annual meeting of the group, almost every time the quality and technical work is put forward separately as a special purpose and emphasized repeatedly.  In accordance with the proposal of the Fangda Group, the measurement and testing work has been mentioned to a new height. In order to strengthen the testing means and improve the testing level, NHI introduced new equipment, and all the staff worked together to strictly control the product quality. All employees change their minds, follow the "change, work, practice", and pay close attention to the "precision, strict, accurate", with practical actions to escort the quality of the company's products.

          New Ideas Promote a Change in Thinking

          Since the reform, aiming at the existence of the original enterprise all sorts of disease, NHI deeply analyzes the reasons, put forward a number of targeted solutions. The employees all agree that everyone personally feel the practical, strict, efficient, simple work style of Fangda Group through these targeted, highly operable measures, which has greatly promoted everyone to change their ideas as soon as possible, identify with the corporate culture of Fangda Group, and truly integrate into the big family of Fangda Group.

          Aimed at the problems existing in the management benefit, NHI carried out the "reduce comprehensive cost, roll up one hundred days", start with the little things that each employee used to take for granted, discovering it bit by bit, rediscovering it, identifying the problem, figuring out how to improve it, gradually, creativity was strongly stimulated, and "golden ideas" came out one after another. For example, the truck scale is an important tool to measure the weight of various goods, but for a long time, there is always a hidden danger that the weighing of heavy vehicles will damage the measuring system of the truck scale. The NHI staff put forward the idea of setting up weight limit signs at both ends of the truck scale to completely solve this problem. For another example, when the staff was checking the scales, they found that two scales in the canteen were abandoned because of damage. The staff thought it was a pity to directly scrap the table scale, so they tried to "repair the old and make use of the waste". After repeated debugging and calibration with standard weights, the two scales were finally repaired and met the standard requirements. There are a lot of such small things, and this kind of small measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency has become the majority of employees conscious action, cost reduction is always on the way.

          Through this series of work of refinement, cost reduction and improvement of execution, NHI adhered to the concept of "fine accounting" and gradually established the concept of fine management. In terms of cost and expenses, in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise management, it further sorted out and refined expenditure items and strictly controlled cost and expenses. In the business process, detailed decomposition of the specific content of each work ensure that each employee is meticulous and uncompromising in his or her business work. Think about and try to be perfect. To improve the executive ability, while strengthening the fine management, each employee can do their responsible business work meticulously without any compromise, and adhere to strict standards and specifications in the work to require the quality of the work.

          Since the reform, the “cost decreasing and benefit increasing " concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, everyone all take good care of the company's property as masters of the attitude, and can consciously carry forward the spirit of teamwork. The vision is not limited to their own small departments, Different departments can work together to reduce costs and increase efficiency for the "big family".

          New Equipment Significantly Increases Detection Capabilities

          As a Chinese saying goes, "To do a good job, one must first improve the tools", most of the original equipment of NHI is old, and the detection efficiency, accuracy and ability need to be improved urgently.  After the mixed reform, with the improvement of Fangda Group's emphasis on testing and testing work, NHI has equipped a batch of new testing instruments around the main products and the main line of operation, which provides reliable testing technical support for improving the quality of the company's products.

          In the aspect of nondestructive testing, new portable magnetic yoke testing instrument and digital ultrasonic testing instrument are purchased respectively for the three forms of non-destructive testing, such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and coloring testing. As a necessary tool for flaw detection personnel, it is guaranteed that each flaw detection personnel have one set of tool.

          In the aspect of physical and chemical analysis, in view of the purchase of various anti-rust, lubricating oil substances should be tested into the factory requirements, and the equipment after the use of lubricating oil filter can be reused, the new purchase of automatic kinematic viscosity tester and automatic moisture tester, not only improve the detection accuracy, but also greatly improve the work efficiency

          In terms of measurement test, new measuring instrument, measuring machine, laser tracker are introduced, joint arm and laser tracker is a kind of high precision industrial measuring system of large size measuring instrument, it has high precision, high efficiency and real-time tracking measurement, fast installation, easy operation etc., which is suitable for large size workpiece with measurements. Arthroscopic arm measuring machine has the characteristics of flexibility and convenience, which is a measuring instrument used to measure the form and position error of large size, difficult to move and complex areas. These two measuring equipment filled in the blank that some large size cannot be detected in the process of product assembly, and solve the problem that some form and position errors are difficult to measure in the process of product assembly and debugging. Before the company restructure, in the absence of laser tracker, it is very difficult, time-consuming and inefficient to detect some form and position errors in the assembly process of products. For example, to measure the flatness of a platform of 2000×2000mm, the traditional method firstly uses an electronic level to connect it end to end and read each section of detection data in the form of "meter line". At least 48 points should be detected in the whole process. Then, the measured data can be analyzed, evaluated and calculated, and finally the flatness of the platform can be obtained. It takes at least 2-3 people and half a day to complete the whole process. With the laser tracker measurement, it only takes 1 hour at most for 2-3 people to complete the whole process, shortening the detection time by more than 3 hours and improving the work efficiency by 3 times.

          The introduction of the above new equipment has greatly improved the NHI capability of the testing work, improved the accuracy of the testing results, and also made the testing staff more confident and confident in the testing work.

          Since the reform, the NHI employees have improved their work style, improved the level of technology and equipment, optimized the work process, and significantly improved their work efficiency and quality. In the future, NHI will continue to make efforts to improve product quality and make greater contributions to the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China.

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